August 25, 2018
What can I do to make him want to leave his wife
What can I do to make him want to leave his wife?
August 25, 2018
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5 Steps Make Him Want to Leave His Wife

Make him want to leave his wife

Make him want to leave his wife

Time and time again, we have heard how horrible it is for a lady to want to make a man leave his wife. Some others may tell you how much of a lost battle you have found yourself in. Every time i read articles online that relates to winning the heart of married men and getting them to leave their wives, i see writers preaching how much of a no-go area this is.

Well, my name is  Tezira a spell caster and relationship counsellor. Unlike other relationship counsellors, I will provide you various tactics on how you can make a man want to leave his wife. Surprising isn’t it? Well, it’s real. Every year, I meet over 50 ladies going through the pain of dating married men. Each of them having no idea what to do about it. Because of my constant encounter with these ladies, I have been able to create a working formula which any lady who wants to make a man leave his wife should apply.

Making a man want to leave his wife can be slightly tricky. But you need to know that you have an advantage over the wife in the house. For starters, you are most likely dating the said man. All you need to do is carry out strategic plans to complete your mission.


You could be one of the women who have done all the things below but without success, however, the good news is i have a make him leave his wife spell which will naturally make him realise that you are the best woman for him within less than 14days.Are you  time conscious and need  him to immediately leaver her for you? You can contact me with the form at the end of the articles so that we can discuss about it.

5 steps to make him want to leave his wife

  • Own him

Be sure he is really in love with you as much as he says he is. This is not difficult to know, how willing is he to spend time with you? Owning him is above money, a man may be willing to spend money on you, but that does not in any way mean he is in love with you. The amount of sacrifice he makes for you, the manner in which he defends you and most especially, his ability to introduce you to his friends determine the level to which you own his heart. To make him want to leave his wife, you first have to address this issue and build his level of love for you.

  • Never confront his wife

A man will naturally respect a woman he is having an affair with no matter how long such affair have lasted , if she is willing and capable of keeping such relationship within her circle. Never put him in a tight corner physically. If he ever gets to leave his wife, make sure it is done in such a manner that it feels like it was his own personal idea in the first place. Most men respect their wives and even if they cheat, they love to keep any such affairs far away from her and not rub it in her face. Confronting his wife will put you on the losing end. Also, most married women hardly leave their husband on allegations of extramarital affairs, so you will only be shooting you self in the foot and destroying your chances of making him leave his wife.

  • Create a competition

You should not be laid back and all relaxing. Do not give him the belief that he has totally won your heart. This way, he won’t take you serious. Give him a competition, go out with other guys, take picture and do everything you would naturally do if you weren’t with him. With this, he becomes aware that you are still in the market and he may lose you at any slight mistake he makes. Use this to your advantage.

  • Take away sex

Having sex with a married man will not make him want to leave his wife. Think about it, he has nothing to lose if he is having sex with you and also his wife. It is already a win -win situation for him. So you need to be wise, try as much as possible to stay sex free until he is able to decide what he wants in his life, you or his wife. Sex is very important to men, so, not having sex with him will make him have a thorough thought about his future with you. This way, you know where you stand.

  • Keep your distance

Try as much as you can to be unavailable. This way, he becomes very sceptical about losing you. For one, he is dating you and that means something, it means something might be wrong in his marriage and you as a woman is giving him emotional succour. The moment you become scarce, he will realise how valuable you are to him. Most women in this position usually dread using this tactics because they feel that they will be easily replaced if they choose to be scarce. However, I can categorically tell you that reverse are the case. If he really loves you as much as you think he does, this drastic tactics will make him rethink and make the final move. It will end up been the determinant as to whether he will leave his wife for you.

As a woman dating a married man, you have to be strong, confident and prepared for literally anything. But first, you need to be sure that he is in love with you as much as you are in love with him. Do not assume or mistake certain type of attention for love. Make sure he does not have you as a medal to show off to his friends but has you because he cherishes you as a person. Also, be sure that your actions speaks volume, make sure he believes that him leaving his wife for you was all by his doing and not because you told him too.

Above all, know you are not alone and whatever worry you might be going through, other women have gone through it and succeeded. So gear up, put on your war hat because this is a battle of love, plan, strategize and get ready to win your man by making him leave his wife.

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