What Can Make a Man Leave His Wife
What Can Make a Man Leave His Wife?
September 19, 2018
Make Him Leave His Wife For You
Make Him Leave His Wife For You
October 26, 2018
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Can I Make Him Leave His Wife?

Can I Make Him Leave His Wife

Can I Make Him Leave His Wife

It was a really cold Saturday morning. I didn’t even know if it was raining or what i was hearing was the sound of ice drops on my roof. Well, I was too hurt to care. For how long was I supposed to live like this, how long? Haven’t I given enough of myself? I found tears roll down my chin as I dragged my duvet upward on my body to protect me against the chilling cold.

Niku has taken a good 5 years of my life with nothing to show for it apart from the constant humiliation and emotional torture I faced. Going into this relationship, this was not what i was promised.  But here i am, still the second woman. I don’t even know which hurt more, the total disregard for my emotion or the complete fear of his wife. The thought of how he scampered away from my house just 5 minutes ago after he realise he slept really late and he was three hours due to be home with his wife. Gush!!! I felt useless, he made me realise that at that point, I did not matter.

This is a feeling I have severally denied, but right now, there is absolutely no way i could continue to deny the obvious. I am certainly not getting any younger; do not get it wrong, i am not under any sort of pressure what so ever to settle down. But i cannot keep wasting my life waiting on a man who can’t make up his mind deciding what he really wants. This constant heart aches and gears from my friends are probably not even worth it after all. I need to be smart or i will end up losing it all.

The truth be told, this was the hardest relationship crises i had ever had and to make matters worse, i had no idea how to go about it. One thing i was however sure of was that i was not ready to lose Niku, at least not without a fight. But how can i make him leave his wife? Can i fight for the man i loved without any form of physical altercation? Are my choices even right?

These thoughts kept running through my head as i got up from the bed. I went up to my table, picked up my phone. I needed to speak with someone, i could not keep holding all this pains inside of me, i would break down or worse, run mad. I quickly dialled my best friend, winnie and poured out my heart to her. Winnie has always been my quick fix in life; from bullies in college to boyfriend drama, you name it, winnie has always been my go to option. She had always had a solution, I’m sure now won’t be different.

It didn’t take up to 30 minutes before i heard winnies car pull up in my drive ways. In her usually impatient manner, she banged the door calling out my name.

“Grace, grace!!! Come and open this door” she called out.

I wonder where she dumped the spare house key i gave her, i grinned in spite of myself. She came in, made me a hot cup of coffee and told me to get dressed.  I was baffled.

“No grace, I’m not in the mood for going out. I just really want to be indoors” I calmly protested.

“We are not just going out on a frolic; we are going to see Miss Tezira” she further explained to me that Miss Tezira was the best relationship counsellor in town and this woman had help her succeed and move pass any relationship crises she found herself in. If I wanted to totally win Niku, then it was time I changed my game plan and Miss Tezira was the master of that, she told me.

I was super excited; this was exactly what I wanted. Speaking with someone who was a professional was all I needed to boost my confidence. Couple with the fact that she would also provide me with her expert strategies to making him leave his wife, the days of me asking ‘can I make him leave his wife?’ was long gone.

I got dress and hopped into graces car, I couldn’t wait to see what Miss Tezira would say about my predicament. I hoped against all hope that she would not advice me to let Niku go. However, whatever it was, I was ready to heed to her advice since grace had assured me of how good she was at her job. I just had to trust her sense of judgement.

Meeting with Miss Tezira gave me a sense of accomplishment and yes, I was wrong to have been bothered about her advice. She was quite encouraging; she made me discover that so many young ladies have been in this similar situation I find myself. She said it was not a predicament rather it was an opportunity for me to test my willpower as a woman on the man I love.

To make a man leave his wife, there were certain things i need to put in pace. I also need to be ready to face the task headlong and not be deterred.

Going back home, I set out to put to work all what I learnt from Miss Tezira. Just like she said, the best way to win in this battle of love is by been consistent. Since I was sure I wanted Niku all to myself, I made sure I followed all Miss Tezira’s tips. I would be a big liar if I said it was easy. No, it was not. But if it was all I had to do to get Niku, i was ready to do that and more.

Above all, I am glad I met Miss Tezira. Since my sessions with her began, i have noticed some drastic improvement with the way Niku treated me. Just last week, he filed for separation from his wife. With the way things are going right now, i have a 100% assurance that divorce is not far way.

Thank you Miss Tezira.

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