How to Make Him Want To Leave His Girlfriend
How to Make Him Want To Leave His Girlfriend?
August 9, 2018
August 9, 2018
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 Many women today, can attest to the fact that their current partners were in a relationship when they first met. That however did not stop them from falling in love and eventually being with each other. Love is complex and dynamic, it doesn’t always make sense. It doesn’t necessarily take shape in the ideal form but it is still the most beautiful feeling that any one can experience.

There are various women in today’s society who have found love with someone that  is in a relationship and are completely clueless on what to do. They are scared to act, because in doing so, they feel they may lose the man. Some have given up , some have tried to manipulate their way out of it, while others have settled for being “ the other woman”. That doesn’t have to be your story, you can change the outcome but that is solely dependent on you. They key is to be willing to do or change what you must in order to achieve this.

Over time different women have asked various questions on the subject matter. Here, I am going to highlight some of the frequently asked questions and answers below, with the first being the obvious question.


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Question: “can my lover leave his girlfriend?”

Answer: Women since time memorial have been asking this question to themselves and their friends alike, the answer is simple. Yes,  your lover can leave his girlfriend for you, yes he can choose you over her and want to be with you instead of her, yes yes yes!.. but there’s work to be done, nothing will change unless you change it.

It’s not easy to get a man to leave a woman who he is in a whole relationship with but it can be done. The trick is to put the thought in his head. Make it look like he thought of it all by himself, that way you won’t build any suspicion on your side. Carefully do this, move and take action like you’re walking on egg shells; one crack and everything comes crumbling. With this you can know if he would leave her for you.


Question: “what kind of relationship do I need to have with my lover to make him leave his girlfriend?”

Answer: Many women who find themselves in this position do not realize that the kind of relationship they have with their lover determines a lot in wether he would leave his girlfriend or not. What do I mean by relationship? Well, in this context many women adopt the natural stance of having a casual sexual relationship with their lover which is normal, but in order to know if he can leave his girlfriend for you, you need to go beyond that; you need to create what is called a ‘situation-ship’. A situation-ship is a quasi relationship which goes beyond the norm of casual sex to involving strong emotional connection. By creating this situation-ship you change the nature and way he sees and treats you. That can help determine wether or not he can leave his girlfriend for you.

Question: “what can I do to make him leave his girlfriend?”

Answer: Theres a bit more work to do here to know if he can leave his girlfriend. No body is perfect, so, neither is she. Research and figure out what he doesn’t like about her and make sure you highlight it to him while you do the opposite. By doing so you paste yourself as the more compatible partner. Also, everyone has a love language, figure out your lovers love language and consistently speak it to him. That way he will continue to think you’re in sync with him, therefore still highlighting how compatible you are with him. Finally, understand his sexual drive and always try to keep at pace with him. All these put together can help answer that question.

Question: “what can I change about myself to make him want me more than his girlfriend?”

Answer: Its simple, you have to find out what he likes about you the most and continue or if possibly upgrade at it. You have to become the ideal woman in his head. Be near perfect in your dealings with him and try as much as possible to always show your great qualities; wear your prettiest dresses, put on those jeans that make your hips look great, make your hair the way he likes it… etc. Also you need to adopt some economic principles like ‘scarcity = Demand’. You need to become more scarce so he can desire you even more, don’t be to available to him. When You begin to look like something he can’t have, then he would do anything possible to have you.

Question: “what can I influence about his relationship for him to leave his girlfriend ?”

Answer: Influencing a relationship is quite tricky and requires some dirty work. Every relationship has its weaknesses and most relationships can’t survive these issues if they are being exploited. You simply have to exploit the weakness of his relationship with her, apply pressure and  twist it to your advantage. You have to carefully manipulate and poison his mind about her without raising any red flags or bringing suspicion upon yourself. You need carefully influence the way he sees her in his mind; point out negative qualities in their relationship that he can do without. Doing this properly can influence their relationship to your satisfaction.

In order to know whether or not your lover will leave his girlfriend for you, you simply need to start taking measures in your relationship with him that can determine that fact. You need to start treating yourself like the prize, what he would get at the end not what he can play with now and move on. Don’t settle for the role you’re being placed in. Aspire more from the relationship and maybe things can actually change in your Favour. Your lover can indeed leave his girlfriend for you, he can choose to be with you instead of her, it is all so possible.

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