What can I do to make him want to leave his wife
What can I do to make him want to leave his wife?
August 25, 2018
What to say to make him leave his wife
What to say to make him leave his wife
August 28, 2018
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This is a very common question I’ve come across when it comes to married man, followed by “So is there an exception?” often meaning “Do you think mine is an exception because he feels so different from the others out there?” This is because of the statistic — so it is a fact — that a cheating married man will most surely stay with his wife when it comes to the actual decision. That is why often he strings his mistress along telling her “I’m not ready” “I’m unhappy with my marriage but it’s not that simple to leave” and hundreds of similar (often cliche) excuses.

So for the benefits of another woman who has been strung along by a married man, it’s good to get facts on why the chance of you having a real relationship with him is thinning away. Maybe it’s time to let go of the hope — however small — that you will end up together complete with kids and white picket fence.

First of all, married men often stay because he is not legitimately unhappy with his marriage. In fact, the marriage might not even have anything to do with it. Of course, being unhappy with the current marriage is a great common excuse a married man often use when justifying his action to his love affair, but that is rarely the real case. The issue normally stays with him, such as the fact that he is insecure, bored, needing some kind of self-esteem booster in the form of another woman who admires him, much less nothing to do with the current marriage.

Second of all, if the marriage, in fact, has a problem, a married man subconsciously realize that the problem is from within, and getting a person from outside i.e. external factor cannot solve his problems. Often it’s just a temporary relief like smoke, alcohol, and the likes. After all, a man won’t throw away his marriage and commit to his cigarettes.

Third of all, there’s a reason he MARRIED her in the first place. No matter how bad he makes her sound, or how much he complains about her, he married her for a reason. And I believe he is not forced into saying ‘I do’, nor was arranged into some marriage arrangement like back in my grandmother’s days. He said the vows; they had a history. There are financial ties, children ties, and especially emotional ties between them. Plus, they know each other for better or worse. What I mean is, they’ve known each other’s bad habits including how they sleep or snore. Leaving his wife to enter a new relationship with you is like building things from scratch and let me tell you, men are super lazy. In a way, he has taken for granted the things his wife does for him such as washing his underwear, cooking for him and taking care of his kids.

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