September 17, 2018
What Can Make a Man Leave His Wife
What Can Make a Man Leave His Wife?
September 19, 2018
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Coming to the end of a very intimate relationship can take a toll on some people, it is especially difficult when they and their previous partner walked a life journey. The end of such a relationship can be very traumatic. It can make individuals feel very sad and lonely, like a whole part of them is missing. If you’re the one experiencing such a break up it can make you feel angry, jealousy and rejected forcing you to act in such a way you’d rather not act. The actions you talk at that point begin to feel like they are beyond your control.

Since that has been clarified,  having to deal with your partners ex is troublesome, but having to deal with a whole ex wife is quite a bigger struggle. Yes, you can’t necessarily blame her for her actions but they are very annoying and dealing with the situation properly can prove to be quite difficult sometimes. This can be annoying especially if you’re not the cause of her marriage coming to an end or even if so, it is in the past and she should move on and heal.


What do you do when she just doesn’t stop calling? She’s always trying to contact him for one reason or the other. How do handle the situation without necessarily hurting her feelings or what if you make things worse and it leads to a confrontation? There are ways You can handle the situation without having to worry about it escalating beyond your control. These methods would at least help to reduce and control the situation, they should be adopted carefully because you would want to consider her emotions in the matter.


These methods and approach to adopt include:


  • Approach the situation with caution:

First thing you need to do regarding the situation is to approach it with caution; handle the situation calmly and with lightness of heart. If you react in an aggressive or defensive manner the entire situation might erupt into a battle of words and confrontations. Taking into consideration her dealings would help you deal with the issue calmly because you could be in her shoes and if the tables were turned around you would also appreciate a calm approach.


  • Be compassionate and understanding:

In dealing with the situation you and your partner should be compassionate and understanding in your nature. Sometimes replying such disturbances with a harsh reaction can lead to more disturbances from his ex wife and or may lead to an even greater problem like her coming to your home or approaching your children ( if any). It is hard to tell the mental and psychological state of the ex wife involved so it is best to take a safer route if compassion and understanding in dealing with the situation.


  • Tell him to handle the situation:

Some may consider this to be a negative approach because a reaction from him and contact of any kind from him might be want she has been looking for, but nonetheless telling him to handle the situation might be the best move to make because he knows her and understandings how he can make her stop such disturbances. Removing yourself from the situation by telling him to handle will also help not bring you and your children (if any) from being targets of her disturbances.


  • Confront and threaten her by setting boundaries:

Confrontation might come in handy when boundaries have been crossed or are about to be crossed. In order to prevent the situation from going beyond where you consider to be comfortable it is advisable that a strong confrontation be put in place addressing limitations and boundaries that should be observed. In a situation where she is attacking your children or working place it is best she is confronted and told to keep of limits.


  • Ignore her completely:

Another way to deal with the situation is to completely ignore it. When an ex constantly disturbs their previous partners new relationship, they are doing so in order to get a reaction out of either of them. If she is ignored long enough she would come to realize that there is no love anymore here and she would feel the need to move on.


In conclusion it is necessary to mention that there are additional ways in which you can deal with an ex wife disturbing your new found relationship with her previous husband. These additional ways and methods can be made available to you when you contact me. My contact information is provided below:



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