Can I Make Him Leave His Girlfriend
Can I Make Him Leave His Girlfriend?
August 8, 2018
How to Make Him Want To Leave His Girlfriend
How to Make Him Want To Leave His Girlfriend?
August 9, 2018
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How Do I Make Him Leave Her?

How Do I Make Him Leave Her?

How Do I Make Him Leave Her?

Been dating a unhappy married man for a while and just started hating sharing him? Or feeling like taking your relationship to the next level because you feel an intensive feeling about him and you are asking yourself like ‘how do I make him leave her’?

And feel bad about being a second option? Do not worry; he can leave for because not every relationship is meant to last forever. People change and so do feelings as you start knowing someone more and feel that you cannot spend your entire life with them. So as long as you do the right things to him you can surely make him hate her and make a commitment with you.

While sometimes ending a relationship is pretty easy, such as in situations where his other girlfriend cheats on him or lies to him as he can easily blame her for the damage but in other cases such as where everything is fine and she is trying her best but it is just not enough for him, it is hard to end his relationship as he is always afraid that he might end up hurting her and that is something that he doesn’t want to do.

Or sometimes he just doesn’t want to end the relationship himself because he doesn’t want to be the bad person. Or maybe it is hard for him to directly end his relationship and he wants the other person to take this step.

While we believe that the best thing to do when you feel that you cannot continue your relationship is to tell your partner directly that it is over, but if he cannot do that, don’t panic. This is normal, sometimes men also find it hard to take the first step, whether it is to start a new relationship or end his existing relationship.

If you are in a relationship with a guy with a similar situation, here are eight things that you can tell him to do that might help you make him end his other relationship, do give them a read.


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  1. Show lack of interest

The first thing that he needs to do is to start acting distant. Let him not text him her, not call her, and let him not reply her immediately, he should take hours to reply to her texts and keep telling her that he is busy and cannot spare time for her. Let him not end everything immediately but start moving away slowly. Let him ignore her even when he is with him and not respond to her romantic talks in the similar way.


  1. Let him avoid talking about the future

He should stop discussing his future with her and to make any plans with her at all. He should make her feel that she doesn’t think that he will end up together in the future and that his relationship with her might not be permanent. Furthermore, he should make her realize that he doesn’t count her in his future and she is not his priority at all.


  1. Quit intimacy

This is something important for him to do. If he continues being intimate with her, it might lead her to the wrong direction and she might think that he is interested in being with her whereas if he stops doing that, she will realize that he is no longer interested in her. Whether he is on text or call with her  or are sitting next to her, let him not be romantic and make her feel that he is not interested in her, without saying a word.

  1. Start complaining

Women do not usually like guys who complain about everything that they do. They like being praised and appreciated so he should better stop doing that. He should start telling her that you doesn’t like the way she dresses up, or she wants him to work out as he doesn’t like his physique, or maybe tell her that she does not look good in that haircut or let her know that he doesn’t like the way she talks or thinks. Whatever she says, he should go against it. Make her feel that he is not her type. Even if she does something to make he feel special, he has to tell her that she could’ve done it the other way, or he doesn’t like such things. He has to keep pointing out flaws in everything.


  1. Start talking about his ex

This is one of the things that hurt many women the most. Every girl is jealous and insecure from boyfriend’s ex, so he needs to start talking about his ex in front of her, start appreciating and praising her and talk about how good she was. He can also compare her with his ex in front of her, highlight her flaws and his ex-girlfriend’s good qualities and make her feel bad about herself.

  1. Start fighting over little things

No matter what she does, he should start picking fights with her to make her get tired of his relationship. For example, if she wants to discuss his change in attitude, he should get mad at her instead for complaining. Whether he is on text or on call with her or are meeting her in person, he should start fighting over little things and ruin her mood.

  1. Act differently on social media

A person’s social media largely tells about his or her relationship status and situation. He should start acting differently on his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels. Instead of sharing the entire lovey dovey posts, let him share posts that tell how he doesn’t believe in relationships and think that they are crap. In addition, he should share more posts about his friends and not share anything regarding his love life. Let him not respond to her comments under his posts and not leave likes or comments below her posts at all. Make her feel ignored on social media.


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