Make him leave her for you spell
Make Him Leave Her For You Spell
May 26, 2018
How to make him leave her for you
How to Make Him Leave Her For You
May 29, 2018
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How to Make Him Leave Her For Me

How to make him leave her for me

How to make him leave her for me

With the society’s expectation for women to have a job, marry and start having kids all at the age of 25, there is limited time for us to get our dream man and make a life with. But, what if your the king of your heart, the person that you to spend the rest of your life with is already taken? What happens then?

In spite of the fact that you may think this isn’t a pleasant thing to do, you may see men as a parking spots: all the great ones are taken. You may think that men with girlfriends are off the hook, but yet still they are men. What if you let of the man that has all that you are looking for simply because he has someone else? Naturally, there is another viewpoint you should consider: your inner voice.

Just like with other things, you need to be selfish. Follow what you want and never let any person stand in your direction. Fuck what the society will think about you and go get the man that you want.

Will you have the ability to sleep at night after you have broken them up? If yes, you need to ask yourself ‘how to make him leave her for me’

Men in a relationship Always Seem to Be Better – below are the 8 Steps for someone having ‘how to make him leave her for me’ question get answered

So where is the step that you are taking if you are asking how to make him leave her for me? Don’t overlook any of them if you really want to get your dream man.


If you hate waiting and you feel like you have exhausted all the methods below with no success, then you should contact Tezira for  a spell to  make him leave her.

Be approachable

Do whatever you can to be open, available, friendly, sympathetic and accessible with a winning smile to all his needs so as to upstage his girlfriend. Men like attention and sympathy off any girl.

So make sure if

  • If he calls you on the phone, you rush to answer it.
  • If he quietly mentions that they would like to go to a movie, or just go for a drive, your mind should immediately swirl with ideas on how you can make that happen.
  • If he smiles, respond in an appropriate manner by returning.


The aim is for you to be his hotie agony mum and any challenge he may get, he will come to you. With any luckiness, he will begin coming to you about issues he is having with his girlfriend, and you can give him some great, inconspicuous, relationship advice.

In other words, while you are dating, you should inherently understand the value of approachability.

Look good around him

When asking how to make him leave her for me I mean him to belong to you, the initial step is to make him notice you and you can accomplish this by looking good around him. Well dressed women who groom themselves normally stand out of the crowd just like a sore thumb which is something good. Go gym, look fit and endeavor to look your alluring best, more so when you know you’d bump into him.  Whenever you get an appreciative look from this guy, the bigger the chances are that they’ll like you back.

Impress his friends

The truth is, , men tend to be much more interested in how women will get along with his friends more than even their parents’ opinions. Why? Because their male friends are their  peers, they have a better idea of what they are looking for—a lot of them are looking for the same thing.  Their opinion of you will matter to him; so, making a good impression is important. Incase you typed the phrase ‘how to make him leave her for me’ in Google, having pleasant conversations with his friends is another step that can help you a lot. If you give his friends a good impression, they will start saying nice things about you and when he hears that, he will be attracted to impress you in order to get your attention.

Make him feel loved

A men is just like any other human being who wants  to know that he is safe, that he is appreciated, loved for who he is, that he is also welcomed  and needed on this planet to share his gifts and love.

The thinking that it is a man ‘s role to make a woman feel loved and special(when not reciprocated) is way out of date. Now days, it’s very normal for both lovers to share equal affection and love in a relationship. Hardly do we see or write things of how to make feel loved in a relationship.  People advocate men to treat women better, to be caring, fun and what have you.

However the reality is, IT GOES BOTH WAYS. In order to have a successful relationship, there is a need of a consistent effort from BOTH parties. Teamwork brings results, right?

Have a real conversation

As you try to build your relationship with this guy, move from light conversations to deeper conversations. Through these conversations, show him that you are smart and that you are more than your looks. Men are more pulled in to intelligent women with something worth to say. A key pattern involved with the development of a close relationship is to drop the defensive guard, escalate and reciprocate personal self-disclosure

Guys might be with many girls, but hardly do they fall in love with all of them. You must have an emotional compatibility in order for him to fall in love with you. So if you want to find the answer to the question of  ‘how to make him leave her for me’, you need to have a deep or intellectual conservation once in a while. Talk about your goals and dreams and never to bring topics that you know nothing about.

Stay mysterious

In the presence of mystery in a relationship, desire , curiosity and  intrigue are ever always present. Mystery is the force that drives men crazy. It’s an important component to wanting a closure from someone, and particularly to that feeling of needing more and more. Don’t forget that he has the  interest in you simply because he’s really not sure yet whether you are totally head over toe in love with him or not.

When it comes to this phrase of ‘how to make him leave her for me’, you need to ensure you are not an open book to him. You should give him a few hints that you like him and after that some different signs that will confuse him. Influence him to feel like he is the one putting in and not the opposite way. Try not to be excessively flirty with him and also abstain from sending him messages over and over again. And if when you do, make sure to play it cool;  his significant other could read it and force him to dump you.


At this point he more likely than not understood that there is something noticeable all around, yet he can’t generally put his finger on what’s going on. He should be confused and you should utilize this state to create a real chemistry between you two. You can do this by gently touching him whenever you’re together. Ensure you don’t try too hard or it will wind up awkward and your expectations will turn out to be obvious to him. Simply stroke his arm softly, as though it was a mistake. You could likewise put your hand on his back to prevent yourself from “falling”. None of these little touches will go unnoticed.

It’s not so much an issue if you love someone who has someone else,  but you will require a proficient  strategy to split them up. Ensure you design all your moves and you don’t do anything dumb in the surge of a moment.

However, if you feel like you have done all the above without success, then contact Tezira using this contact below for her spell to make a man leave his spouse for you.


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