How to Make Him Leave Her and Want You Instead.
How to Make Him Leave Her and Want You Instead.
June 2, 2018
Can I make him leave her
Can I Make Him Leave Her?
June 2, 2018
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How to Make Him Leave His Girlfriend

How to Make Him Leave His Girlfriend

How to Make Him Leave His Girlfriend

Despite the fact that breaking someone’s relationship is a dangerous process, but if you think that your heart belongs to a man who is involved with someone else, then giving it a shot is worthy it. To make him leave his girlfriend, you need to do it with caution by first planting the seeds of uncertainty before making him leave his girlfriend.  In case you need to know how to do it, simply take read these steps.

Use a Magic Spell

A make him leave his girlfriend spell is available. This spell can have a positive effect on a man being charmed. You should be cautious with the kind of make him leave his girlfriend spell you will use on him. Before you cast this, guarantee that you gather all the necessary ingredients. Cast your spell and follow the rules this spell expects of you. Make sure that your man does not know about your mission. It may affect the spell that you cast and block it from working.  If you cast the spell accurately, be guaranteed that he will leave his girlfriend for you.

Be his Confidant

This is another way of how to make him leave his girlfriend. Have the ability to have his attention when he tries to express his innermost and deepest thoughts to you. Be prepared to hear him out and is always willing to give him advice. Be the one protect him from his blind spots and show him the other side to his the story. It’s so much easier for you to make him leave his girlfriend when you are always physically rooting for you. If you cheer him, show your support for him, he will naturally come to trust you and like you even more than his girlfriend.

Important to note: There’s a contrast between being the associate of your love interest, and falling into the Friend Zone with that man. Ensure you don’t act too mate or friend like with this man or  he won’t ever have the capacity to see you as a love intrigue.  Of course don’t pursue him so aggressively that he starts to feel overwhelmed by your attention, but it should always be evident that you are, in fact, pursuing him for more than just a friend.

Become the woman he wants

At this point, you know the sort of a woman he needs to be with. Slowly start acting his ideal boyfriend. Give him what he is craving for. Men love a “ride-or-die a woman who doesn’t get in the way. Therefore, do the things that cause him to feel like a conqueror and that helps him to feel like you are going to ride with him no matter what after leaving his girlfriend for you.

Make him jealous

This is another way of how to make him leave his girlfriend. If you really want don’t want to end up in a side woman for the rest of your life , you must make him jealous of the other man in your life. Never be totally at his beck and call- continue dating other men. Let him know this, more especially when the men you are seeing are the kind he doesn’t get along with. He will scratch his head wondering why you would choose to be them than with him

Let him open up about the flaws in his relationship.

It is very rare for a couple not to run into a few bumps in the road. Every relationship has its ups and downs and the chances of keeping their love life going past the honey moon stage and dating a few years is very high.

Never ever criticize your man’s relationship, criticize your boyfriend’s girlfriend or even make him feel like he is in a bad relationship. This will make him defensive, angry and even more willing than before to make things work out for them. No human being would love to admit failure more especially in a relationship, so you need to wait for him to naturally accept the problem on his own.

You can begin by simply giving him a chance to discuss his relationship. Make innocent inquiries. For instance,  if you realize that his band was playing at a neighborhood setting the prior night but his girlfriend didn’t show up, innocently as to whether he loved the show.

Ask question regarding how his night went. I F they appear to be somewhat upset, simply say, “Did you have a good weekend?” and wait for him to uncover the rest.

Unfortunately, you might attempt to make him leave his girlfriend when actually he is in an awesome relationship, which would make it troublesome for him to reveal anything negative. However, if you made yourself his confidant, it’s hardly that the relationship is still going on well.

Obviously, don’t take it too far: H needs to realize that there is as yet a possibility of something happening between the two of you. The point is to motivate him to go after your attention— not his girlfriend.


When all the available options to make a man leave his girlfriend are exploited and failed, , simply swallow your pride and begin spreading lies. Simply be cautious when you utilizing this strategy. Guarantee that you painstakingly cover your tracks and the lies won’t be followed back to you. Spread the rumors to the people who will tune in and spread lies or misleading statements about your lover’s girlfriend. You are certain that it will return to the couple and make them to fights. The rumors should affect the couple to the degree of separating them. You can even spread lies and act like the couple is separated. When somebody needs to affirm this, you can act aloof and tip that the couple’s relationship is on the rocks. This will make the couple awkward with each other and question their relationship. Simply be extra cautious not to be caught or you will lose your man.

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