Make Him Leave His Wife For You
Make Him Leave His Wife For You
October 26, 2018
How to Convince Your Boyfriend to Leave His Wife
How to Convince Your Boyfriend to Leave His Wife
October 28, 2018
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Many times you find yourself wanting things you would rather not want. You can’t seem to help yourself in that situation. You know it is not right and it hurts but your heart seems to be working all on its own. You can not understand why you feel the way you do but that feeling you have is literally taking your breath away, that deep feeling of desire and affectation. It hurts to find yourself in such a place, you feel lost and completely down.


There is always some madness in love, it is a complete riot of emotions that you can’t keep under control and it inevitably will consume your entire being. Love has no structure and can appear in your life without any fore warning. You can not do anything about the shape or nature in which love comes into your life, all you can do is accept it and embrace the individual you love.


There are many women like you who are experiencing a love that they seem not to understand and even want. Loving a man who has a girl girlfriend is one thing, while loving a man who is married with a wife is a whole other thing. Wanting someone you can’t have is the most frustrating and annoying thing  that can ever happen to anyone. It takes the beauty away from the fact that your in love and replaces it with feelings of envy and jealousy. It is hard enough not being with him as much as you want, seeing him with is wife is  horrible thing. It is hard to keep living like that, no one should continue in such a situation.


Therefore, what are you going to do about your situation? Are you going to keep wondering if you will ever be with him? You are probably asking yourself questions like “ would he ever love me fully? Can I be with him the way I should? How can I make him leave his wife? How can a man leave his marriage? How will I make him leave his significant other?… these questions are either gong to consume you or push you to find s solution to your problem. However there is a way for you to have the man you love and desire more than anyone else, there is a way for you to make him leave his wife but there are tricks to it.


Marriage is a strong bond of commitment between two individuals. A bond that is embedded deep into the consciousness of these two individuals. It will be difficult to break up his marriage but nonetheless it is possible and very much achievable. However to make him leave his wife you need to be extremely cautious and cunning in your dealings. You need to remain out of the picture of his marriage while you quietly but surely manipulate things from a distance. The key is to put the thought of him leavening his wife in his head; so it seems like it was his own idea from the onset.


There are various steps you can take to achieve your goal, I will detail them below and you can apply them accordingly in your situation.

How you can make him leave his wife for you:

  • Build up doubt in his marriage

He would not leave his wife if he is comfortable in his marriage. The best thing you can do to help your cause is to carefully start to put doubts in his mind about his marriage. You can do so by telling him how bad and evil his wife is, how she is only using him as a cash cow etc.


  • Exploit the weaknesses of his marriage

Find various information about his marriage, every couple has their weaknesses and difficulties they go through. Find out these weaknesses and exploit them to your benefit. Some couples have alcoholic problems or infidelity problems, what ever the case use what you find out to your advantage.


  • Always point out the flaws of his wife

When you constantly remind him of the flaws of his wife and marriage, he will subconsciously start to think about these things and feel the need to leave his wife and marriage. Remind him of the things he doesn’t like about his wife and he will eventually start to desire leaving her for good.


  • Highlight how compatible you are to him

When ever you can, always remind him how perfect and compatible you are together. He needs to be reminded that your are the best person he can be with and that his wife is obstructing him from being with his best possible partner.


  • Be the object of his desire

You also need to position yourself as the object of his sexual desire. If he is already cheating on his wife then he is clearly not as attracted to his wife like the way he was when they first got married. You need to continually be the object of his sexual fantasy.


  • Stir up jealousy

For you to get him to leave his wife for you, you would need to stir up jealousy on his part. He is having an affair with you already but when you reduce the frequency at which you’re at his disposal and possible find a way for him to see other men making advances at you, then he would feel jealous and want to have you by all means.


There are various ways to make him leave his wife for you but I can not list them here but however if you need more information on how you can make him leave his wife for you contact me.

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