August 9, 2018
Will He Leave His Long Distance Girlfriend For Me
Will He Leave His Long Distance Girlfriend For Me?
August 10, 2018
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This is a story by one of the makehimleaveher.com fans telling us of how she managed to make ‘Dylan’ her boyfriend to leave his girlfriend. For those who have not been successful at making their boyfriends leave their girlfriends should contact Tezira with the form below for a spell to make to make him leaver her that is able to make a man leave his girlfriend with in few days.

“ I’m so tired of feeling miserable, it’s not fair!” I said as Scarlett shrugged at me. “ why are you letting all this get you worked up?” she asked as I gently cleaned my tears with her purple towel.”I don’t know what to do, I have never felt to helpless” I murmured.

It was almost midnight on Sunday, my room was completely in a mess and I had recently  found out that Dylan had a girlfriend. I met Dylan at the Oris Summer festival which took place two weeks ago at Grand Square Park. I usually hate going to these festivals but Scarlett forced me for this one, she said I would waste my best years of being pretty if I didn’t go out more often. This time, I couldn’t agree more. I actually did enjoy this one; the music was great, there were fun activities and more importantly there was “Dylan”.

He was so good looking and wore a red sweatshirt which complemented his blue jeans and blonde hair. He looked like a character from a movie series as he charismatically walked towards me at the mini bar stand. Dylan and I got talking and I realized we had so much in common; he liked his hotdogs with ketchup instead of mustard and rather had his food served cold than hot just like me. We got so caught up in each other I completely forgot I came there with Scarlett. It was like a match made in heaven.

Over the next couple of days, Dylan and I went on a couple of dates and things got heated very quickly. He came over to mine several times and I went over to his. We speedily got accustomed to talking to each other every time and everyday. We connected on a level I never thought possible, it was like he was the missing part of my life all this while.

Well, as the popular saying goes, not everything that glitters is gold. Things between Dylan and I hit a rocky bum when I snooped  through his phone one night while I was at his place. I discovered conversations between him and a certain Quinn that were quite intimate, like the ones we would have. I confronted him about it and he admitted she was his girlfriend of 3 years and he didn’t want to tell me yet because he doesn’t quite yet understand what we have.

So here I am sitting on the floor with Scarlett’s towel over my face thinking on how I got myself into this situation and what I can do about it. “He would have to choose” Scarlett said, I hadn’t quite thought about that. He was going to have to choose between me and her. “I don’t like my odds if he is going to choose between us, I think I rather figure out a way to make him leave his girlfriend for me instead” were the words I said as I sat up rapidly. Scarlett had a quirky smile on her face as she asked “so, what are we going to do?”.

It is no easy task but it seems like my best option. I have to find a way to make him leave his girlfriend for me and I have to find it fast. Scarlett and I stayed up almost all night thinking of possible ways to make him leave his girlfriend for me but we couldn’t really get a tangible plan going. Scarlett suggested we get to know more about her first, “how is that going to help me make him leave his girlfriend for me?” I asked , “well nobody would be leaving anybody for you if we have no idea who she is and what she’s capable of. That way we can at-least know what we’re up against” Scarlett said quickly.

We went on to find out her social media accounts and stalked her for a few days. It felt creepy at first but after a while we began to make fun of the whole situation. We found out all her favorite and least favorite things to do and places to go. Scarlett and I were able to dig up Previous partners she had been with, how? Well thank God for Facebook!. This was our ace in our grand master plan. We had finally found a way to make him leave his girlfriend for me.

Dylan and I were still in touch but I however maintained a little distance so as to build up his desire for me, this was Scarlett’s idea. “ you need to make him miss you” were the words that rang in my head every time I told him I couldn’t make it for our date or come over to his place. This was difficult to do but I had to do whatever I could to make him leave his girlfriend for me.

It has been two weeks since I found out Dylan had a girlfriend and Scarlett and I started our plan to make him leave his girlfriend for me. Scarlett had got in touch with one of Quinn’s ex boyfriend and told him all sorts of things like how much Quinn still likes him and how she says he was the best boyfriend she ever had. Don’t ask me, I don’t know how she did it either, she also  convinced him to reach out to Quinn without relenting. I told him “ don’t stop calling her even if she doesn’t pick up, she’s only playing hard to get” Scarlett said as we both giggled on the phone.

Things were beginning to tense up between Dylan and Quinn. He had started to notice the constant calls from her ex and she had begun to notice his was becoming emotional distant. It was time for the final stroke, the final piece in the puzzle to make him leave his girlfriend for me.

Quinn set up a meet with her ex to confront him about the unrelenting calls and disturbance. I assumed that was her reason for wanting to see her ex. However, they were to meet up at the Metro Café downtown. I immediately asked Dylan if he could help me pickup my pizza order at Metro café around the same time I knew Quinn would be meeting her ex. Dylan was excited to help out because I finally started reaching out to him again and he was going to see me at my house.

On getting there, Dylan saw Quinn with her ex and flared up immediately,  according to Scarlett who was at the scene as a spy, she said Dylan and her ex almost got into a fight. She called me to tell say that Dylan had just verbally broken up with his girlfriend and was leaving Metro café. I quickly called him asking about my pizza and he told me he was on his way to my house. “ could this be it?, have I found a way to make him leave his girlfriend for me ?” these were the thoughts raging in my head as I heard the doorbell.

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