Make Him Leave His Girlfriend For You
Make Him Leave His Girlfriend For You
August 20, 2018
August 21, 2018
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Make him leave his girlfriend

Make him leave his girlfriend

Make him leave his girlfriend

Ever been in the situation where you have to plot, plan and hurt while fantasizing about a man who is in a relationship with another woman? it can be difficult and painful , isn’t it? I have been here, so trust me, I should know. One thing is for sure, it is not always easy.

I have always wondered how it was possible for some women to comfortably make men leave their girlfriend for them. To me it always seemed hard and very impossible. At some point, I concluded that these women used some form of charms or into some diabolical practices to make him leave his girlfriend. I mean, how is it possible for a man who has been with a girl for over 6 months, leave her, just to be with you he met over a week ago? Intriguing isn’t it? But this happens, often time than we care to admit.

Three months ago, I found the idea distasteful and heartbreaking. Why on earth will you want to make a man leave his girlfriend? This was a form of constant argument at home with my sister s, friend and colleagues. I used to believe in very conservative methods of getting a man. You know the usual – be modest and wait for him to make the first move? Well, things turned around pretty fast.

Two month ago, I met someone who I felt was the love of my life (rightly so, it turned out to be). For me, it was love at first sight, that is if such a thing existed. The feeling boiled up inside me the moment I set my eyes on him. In return he was also very nice and warm. We became friends almost immediately. It didn’t take me long before I realise he has a girlfriend. I didn’t know if it was serious or not but yes he had a girlfriend. This was the most serious emotional pain I had ever had to go through. First of all, my conservative lifestyle was totally against all of this, falling in love with a man who was dating has always been a no go area for me and to make it worse, making plans to make him leave his girlfriend would make me a hypocrite. I didn’t want that.

The more I tried to ignore my emotions, the harder it was for me because I kept on seeing him, it so happened that we were both assigned to one particular project. It got to a point I knew I needed to stop lying to myself, I knew I needed to let myself see the truth and also accept such truth. I mean things happen, it’s not my fault that I fell in love with him, I didn’t chose to , my heart did.

I decided to take action, I was not going to sit down and suffer while another woman had the key to my happiness. I was going to fight for it no matter what. I was really to go the extra mile to make him leave his girlfriend.

To make my journey easier, I sought for help; I knew I could not do it alone and I still couldn’t bring myself to speak to my sisters and friend about my dilemma. Maybe there weren’t what I needed; I wanted a real, experienced and a professional relationship handler.

It did not take long before I found Miss Tezira, as it was my first time, I was sceptical but also eager to know what I could do to make him leave his girlfriend. Part of me felt it was not going to be much of a help, maybe I was going to get bashed and scolded by Mama Tezira, maybe she would say I should never fall in love with a man who is in a relationship, maybe she was going to tell me to let go of my emotions. All this thoughts were running in my head. However, I was determined to see it through, I was not going to lose a fight even before it started.

Meeting Mama Tezira was the best decision I ever made. She was patient and listen to me confess what I sense was my guilt. I will break my encounter with her in these paragraphs:

For starters, Mama Tezira made me realise that there was no big deal in me wanting to make him leave his girlfriend. She told me that it happened more times than I would want to know in our lifetime and to different people. She also made me realise that I needed to accept that I was in love and the opinion of others on my love life does not count only if I allow it to. I could literally be whatever I want to be.

  • Effort

To get what I wanted, I had to put in effort and show commitment. To start with, I was working on a three month long project with him, this includes Saturdays. In essence, for these three months, I had him to myself more than his girlfriend does. All had to do was out effort to it and show signs of interest.

  • The secret

Every man wants to be treated like a king. This is how a man is designed. He himself is not aware of such needs. Mama Tezira made me realise that i needed to be able to use my inborn manipulative tendencies as a female to trigger his needs to be cared for like an alpha. The more I did that and showed care, the more he will begin to notice me.


Mama Tezira’s advices in addition to her spell casting skills worked like a charm. First of all, visiting her gave me a confidence boost and a sort of super human effect. I felt like I was invincible. Coupled with the fact that she was just a phone call away and always ready to give me the next tip on phone, I was  simply a queen who was all ready to make him (my king) leave his girlfriend. And oh, how it worked!!!

If at any point you go through any relationship crises, give Mama Tezira a call, she is always more than willing to help out.

Just call,

Phone number: +27725111678.

One visit is just a call away.

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