Can I Make Him Leave His Wife
Can I Make Him Leave His Wife?
September 21, 2018
October 27, 2018
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Make Him Leave His Wife For You

Make Him Leave His Wife For You

Make Him Leave His Wife For You

Determination and a dogged sprit will get you whatever you want in life. I often time tell young ladies who find themselves in this same situation never to listen to the advices of their friends especially when there are negative and not encouraging. The society has a lot of people who will always judge you for the decisions you make. Hypocrites!!! They all are. Behind you, they would do worse.

Just last month, I met a young lady in her late 20s who as in love with a younger man, he was 25 as a matter of fact. They were both so much in love, they wanted to get married, he proposed, yes.  However, this particular lady had a friend who kept on nagging her about how much dating a younger man was wrong and would only end in disaster and heart break. She did not want that and since this friend was her “best friend” it was very easy for her to be convinced. She called off the engagement under pressure from her friend. Fast forward 2 weeks later, she sees her friend hanging around her ex fiancé claiming he was her boyfriend. Incredible isn’t it? Well, people are selfish and some of these advices are sprout up from jealousy and hatred. Not all are genuine. Anyways, currently we are making efforts to win back her ex fiancé, it may seem he was with her friend just to get at her. We are glad we are making tremendous progress on that case.

The fact remains that some of your friends and even family members may ridicule you for dating a married man; some may call you silly for doing that, but never let all that get to you. You know what you want, how determined you are to get it will affect your ability to succeed.

My name is Miss Tezira and as a professional relationship counsellor and a spell caster, I categorically tell you that there are ways to make a man leave his wife for you, but your tenacity will determine to what extent you succeed.  Does he pack in with you for a week and later runs back to his wife? If you want to make him leave his wife for you, so you should not compromise what you want until you finally get it.

  • Do not feel guilt. Guilt is the main reason why you may not pursue what you want with the totality which you should. You fell in love, you did not choose to fall in love with him, love just happened. If you really want to be happy, you should take away the feeling of quilt from your head and rather start working on ways to make him leave his wife for you. Ever one was once someone’s ex. So is he, there is no big deal making him leave his wife for you.


  • Know what you want and go for it. How bad do you want him? Are you ready to make him leave his wife for you? Be sure of what you want, it will help you in the long run to define your relationship. Do you see a future with him? I often time tell ladies not to draw a man from their current relationship just to leave him hanging, define what you want. Do you want a long term relationship with him that will lead to marriage? Are you still having fun but detest dating a married man and just want to make him to leave his wife for you? Be true to yourself and structure what you want from the relationship after he leaves his wife.


  • Cast doubt in his marriage. The first two steps will prepare you for what next to do. This part is what I love to call ‘the strategic part’ which will bring about the result you need. Making a man unsure of his current status and a promise of something better is a major tactics you can use to make him leave his wife for you. Show that you are the better woman and by marrying his wife, he made a huge mistake which he can correct my choosing you. You do not need to speak out the words; your body language will do the work for you. Pick on what his wife does wrong and perfect it. Get information concerning what he loves about his wife and excel in it. This way, you are the double package, the perfect specimen to his heart. Men are not as complicated as we women, when you become what they want; they go headlong looking for you. However, in this situation, looking for you is not enough, you need him out of his marriage


  • Give him a little competition. After making him realise you are the double package, make him know that you cannot wait on him forever and there are others out there that want you in their lives even more than he does but you choose to stick with him, you however have no idea how long you are willing to stay anymore since you are not his priority. You should not put all your eggs in one basket, go out with other people and make him know that you are still very much in the market. Don’t come off as a prostitute but give him a little competition, men love to fight, give him one. If he is too comfortable, it will affect how serious he takes you.

Making a man lave his wife for you is one of the easiest things you can do in a relationship, because first of all, he is already obviously having an affair with you. This simply means that something is not right in his matrimonial home. As the woman outside, you have all the advantage; all you need do is play your cards well as the ball is already in your court.

Get in touch with me; I cannot wait to read your feedback.

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