Will no contact make him leave his wife?
Will No Contact Make Him Leave His Wife?
August 31, 2018
September 9, 2018
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What Are the Chances Your Lover will Leave his Wife?

What Are the Chances Your Lover will Leave his Wife

What Are the Chances Your Lover will Leave his Wife

When you are in a relationship with a married man, popular opinion says you have to prepare for the worst. Some ladies resolve to look past their lover’s marital status and just enjoy the beautiful connection blossoming between them. If you are deeply in love with your married partner and you are sure he might feel the same way, why hesitate on getting your happily ever after? It’s true that similar relationships have ended in heartbreak and disappointment, but this is hardly because the lover doesn’t wish to remain in the relationship. Most men can’t find the courage to quit their marriages and be with their true love.

Studies have shown that 50% of marriages end in divorce, but the wives usually instigate it. Another research shows that 25% of married men end up with their mistresses. Although this 25% is based on a single survey, it is a big step forward considering how the odds are always stacked against your relationship.

The first thing you should know is that your partner is probably cheating because he is unhappy in some way with his marriage. Most men might still feel reluctant to leave their wives, but as a mistress who wants her happily ever after, you have to choose your battles.

Your lover has to have the desire to want to be with you. When you have this at least then the stats against you do not matter.

If you want to know what the chances are of your lover leaving his wife, then you must look out for the signs and not the numbers. Here are some sure signs that your lover will leave his wife.

  • It is not all about sex

Indeed, the most common reason a married man cheats on his wife is sex. Men always feel more confident and happy when they have some form of excitement in their lives. The chances are you, and your married lover started out with insatiable sexual hunger. You must admit that your partner can hardly get such gratification from his wife, otherwise he wouldn’t be with you. This is the first of tiniest victories. However, the real sign comes when you notice your lover is also interested in your feelings and emotions outside sex. This shows that he genuinely cares for you and is a valid reason to leave his wife.

  • He prioritises you

One of the most difficult things to bear in a relationship with a married lover is that he has so many commitments. This means that there’s hardly enough time for you to spend together and make lasting bonds. But if your lover continually chooses you over his wife and other engagements, then it’s time to step up and make the most of these moments.

You may also find that your partner makes up excuses to talk to you or see you. These are the acts of a man who wants you in his life and has a high tendency to leave his wife for you.

  • He is not ashamed of your relationship

This is one of the most significant signs that things are finally looking up in your favour. When a married man has no intentions of leaving his wife or his marriage, you will find that he is often apprehensive and uninterested in been seen with you in public. He is concerned about what people would think and tries to prevent his wife from finding out. It is the exact opposite when your lover really cares for you and intends to leave his wife.

When your man sheds those feelings of fear and is proud to take you out to public places, then there’s hardly anything left to worry about.

  • He opens up to you

Generally, men tend to keep things bottled up even from their wives. They like to feel that they have everything under control most times. If your man is falling in love with you and he is making plans to act on it, then he will talk to you about his feelings. He would begin to confide personal details about his marriage, finances and other troubles. Take the opportunity to show how supportive you can be.

  • He doesn’t wear his wedding ring around you

Your partner’s wedding ring might literally be jewellery, but sometimes it can be a symbol of hurt continually reminding you that he will go home to another woman. When your partner loves and cares for you, he will keep his wedding ring out of the picture. His goals will be to spend quality time with you, without the limiting and painful thoughts of his status. If the ring is out of the way, then your next steps are much easier.

When your relationship shows any of this signs, then the odds are indeed in your favour. Be sure to make good use of them and guide your lover into action. Sometimes it might take more time than you anticipate but with such high hopes, you must be patient and diligent to see it through.

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