Muthi to Make Him Leave Her for Me
Muthi to Make Him Leave Her for Me
August 3, 2018
Can You Make Him Leave His Wife
Can You Make Him Leave His Wife
August 7, 2018
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Ever heard the phrase “everything is fair in love and war,” well! It sounds selfish, but that’s how thing work. Love can be quite irresistible at times. While falling in love with a person who is already head over heels with another girl makes the situation worse.  In such a scenario a girl finds herself helpless as she is stuck between her heart and mind. He is the man of your dreams, you are insanely in love with him, but the other girl in her life does not let you cross the line. So what can I do to make him leave her?

Even though the man is living a happy or an unhappy marriage, you should try out a chance to get his attention. However, is no compulsion that the man will leave his wife or girlfriend for you, especially when they have children?  Moreover, if you are sure that your love is not happy with his marriage, and his real happiness is with you, then you can help him to leave his wife or girlfriend voluntarily. The reason is that the key to a successful relationship is happiness at both ends; otherwise, it ends up being a disaster. In the subsequent article, we will be catering to your question regarding what I can do to make him leave her and discuss some tips to help you leave her for you.


If you are still puzzled of what you can do to make him leave her, and you have tried it all to make him leave her without success, then you should contact Tezira for  a spell to  make him leave her.

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  • Make him realize your importance:

WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE HIM LEAVE HERSometimes it is vital to make him realize your value in his life. In this regard, my suggestion would be to stop making love with him. Furthermore, you can be distant to him, avoid him, stop caring for him in the manner you used to do earlier. In this way, he will realize your importance. Also, take care of yourself and do take let him take you for granted.

  • Tell him the shortfalls of his wife:

Sounds like a typical movie idea, but trust me it works. Telling a man his wife’s shortcoming and things she cannot do, play an essential role in helping you leave her. There are ample books and articles out there which can help you in this regard. Try to make him understand his wife’s negligence towards her house and you, the way he looks exhausted after getting married, and her lack of ability to help him make both ends meet.

  • Stay calm and be his friends;

I know it is tough to be friends with the person you love unconditionally, but you’ve got to do this for the sake of your love. You can never compete with the strong bond he shares with his wife, so what can you do to make him leave her? A practical approach is to spend time with him, be friends and try to share everything with him. This will help you in strengthen your bond with him. The point when he is comfortable enough to share all his secrets and fears with you is your first step towards success.

  • Avoid making love with him:

There are no two ways about the fact men nature never changes. Many of them are with you just because they want sex; therefore, it vital for you to make sure if it is real love or merely physical attraction. Be friends with him and, when it comes to the point ask him clearly to opt between you and his wife and also if it is just physical or emotional as well. Take out time for him but when he asks for sex make your plans quite clear in front of him.

  • Avoid being greedy:

This method is also considerable support in getting an idea about his level of sincerity towards you. For this reason, refrain from being greedy; don’t act desperate like calling and messaging him after every 10 minutes. On the contrary, wait for him to get to you. If he is head over heels in love with you, he would surely come to you, while if it is just physical attraction, then he will ignore you and get along with his life.

  • Do not tell him the cons of marriage:

You have all the rights to ask him to list advantages he will be getting after leaving his wife, but not anything related to how any man can separate from his wife. Now, you must be thinking what I can do to make him leave her? So my sincere advise to you is to pay attention to yourself, instead of competing with his wife, strive ways to make yourself the best possible choice for him, because a man has no logical reason to leave his wife except he cannot tolerate her any further.

  • Never be insecure about his wife:

Jealousy always kills a relationship, while falling for a man who already has a girlfriend or wife you should be clear about the fact that there is no room for insecurity. On the contrary, you should behave like the person who apprehends all the hardship he is going through in life. You have to understand the fact that his wife and children are a part of his life far before you; so naturally, he will be spending more time with them. Try to be the pillar of support for him and avoid complaining about how much less time you get with him.

  • Stay Determined:


My final piece of advice is to stay determined, do not lose hope, and understand that you are another person interfering in his married life. Sat intact on your point, make this clear to him that you have a specific value in his life, and you are always there by his side through thick and thin; thus, deserve the dignity the second woman. Tell him your final verdict that about leaving his wife and come back to you, if he refrains quit that relationship. I understand it will hurt you, but trust me it is for your future wellbeing. Or you can contact Tezira with the form below for a spell that the struggle of making him leave her gets so smooth for you.

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