Make him want to leave his wife
5 Steps Make Him Want to Leave His Wife
August 25, 2018
August 27, 2018
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What can I do to make him want to leave his wife?

What can I do to make him want to leave his wife

What can I do to make him want to leave his wife

The answer is simple. You have the ability to make a man leave whoever you want him to leave. You already have an inbuilt persuasive nature. All you need is the ability to creatively channel that super power. Cool right? I know. As a child, I learnt at a very young age that men are inclined to do my bidding just with a little effort I put in asking, directly or indirectly. Growing up, I was able to fully understand this aspect of men psychology. This knowledge has helped me a lot when it comes to relationship spells and love counselling.

Are you dating a married man? Are you in love with a married man? You have no reason to be afraid. Ladies, how best you succeed in this game of love all depends on you. You can do a lot to make him want to leave his wife. You just have to be prepared for whatever it takes.

Hello, my name is Tezira and I officially congratulate you on your forthcoming victory. In very few words, I will tell you how best you can make a man leave his wife and what you can do to fast track such occurrence. Dating a man who is married is an entirely different ball game; first of all, you have to be very careful in this particular type of affairs as some wives can go the extra mile to physically assault their husband’s girlfriend if they find out about her. Hence, you need to be sure about your security; you cannot have a wild wife running all over town looking for you with an acid in one hand. In as much as you love this man, it is only wise for you to study the temperament of his wife from afar so you can stand at a vantage point.

  • Make a spell on him

Am a specialist in the area of make a man leave his wife spell and this spell has worked on  numerous occasions. A history of success stories and happy clients are a form of assurance that this spell will work wonders for you in just in few days. You can make an appointment with me now on an make him leave his wife without any hustle.

  • Get information

Information is power. It will greatly influence your success or otherwise in this quest. You need to have very good information about his wife and his marriage in general. Learn about her, what she does and does not do. This does not mean you should copy her style, no, reverse is the case, you have to do things completely different from the way she does it. Pick out what the man loves about her and also what he hates or dislikes, build up on his likes and better what he hates. That way, you present yourself as his better half. This will keep him wondering why he married his wife in the first place instead of you. Gradually, he will long to spend the rest of life with you since you are obviously the better half.

This is a very simple logic and it is the first step as regards what you can do to make him want to leave his wife.


  • Focus on what matters

Build your relationship using solid foundations. Avoid side talks and comments that will naturally out you down. Some of your family and friends might not accept what you are doing currently, well; a relationship is not community service where everyone’s opinion matters, rather, how you want to succeed depend on how well you privatize your affairs. So try as much as you can to put a blind eye to comments that tends to discourage your relationship.

Therefore, focus on your relationship because at the end of it all, it is that makes you happy and your happiness is the reason for your existence.


  • Settlement

You should not make him feel too comfortable around you. He has a wife at home, what stops you from seeing other men? This does not in any way mean you should flaunt having other men around in his face, just have a few so he knows that any little mistake on his path might cause you to leave, this way, he is very careful as to how he treats you. Men love a little competition, give him one. You are still hot and very much available, make him know that.


  • Speak out

It would not help to keep shut about the things hurting you. Talk about it; know where you stand in the relationship. You have to make him know that you will not be available forever and you need to know what plans the relationship has in the future. This conversation will determine how serious he takes your relationship whether he sees you as a bed warmer of a real wife material.


My queens, the importance of this conversation cannot be overemphasized; I have watched so many ladies waste more than 7 years of their lives dating married men who have little or no plans of leaving their wives. Such wait all for nothing is life wrecking. You do not want that as a lady. So, go into this quest with your mind made up, you have little or nothing to lose. It is either he leaves his wife (if you strategically use the above tips) or you simply dump him and move on to the other men who are dying to have you as their woman.

Getting a man to leave his wife entails detailed and confident step which you should endeavour to carry out to the later. Half baked process will not see you to the end. To succeed, simply take a look at the easy and straight forward steps which shows what you can do to make him leave his wife. It might not be easy, but how serious you are to win him exclusively to yourself will determine how far you go.

Congratulations in anticipations. Never hesitate to reach me for all relationship issues; I am always available to give you relationship ideas to ensure that you succeed.


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