September 17, 2018
Can I Make Him Leave His Wife
Can I Make Him Leave His Wife?
September 21, 2018
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What Can Make a Man Leave His Wife?

What Can Make a Man Leave His Wife

What Can Make a Man Leave His Wife

As simple as the answer may be, you may not readily accept it because you have built a strong sense of doubt inside you. This form of negativity is overwhelming, so you become unconsciously set to let go of your chances with the man you love, simply because you have accepted the line “a man can never leave his wife for you’.

Situations are different and so also are relationships. You cannot compare what was applicable to another person’s relationship to what is applicable to yours. No!! This will be the foremost cause of your downfall in relationships. Always treat your relationship as unique and different and most importantly, never be deterred by the circumstances surrounding another woman’s relationship to determine the outcome of yours.

‘Marriage is a union, a solemnize bond’ these I am sure you have heard severally. Others may categorically tell you ‘a man can never leave his wife for a lover or a girlfriend’ or ‘my sister wasted 7 years dating a married man’. You should first take note that each person had different reason why such a man never left his wife for them. That it did not work for them does not mean it cannot work for you.

As a lady in this situation, the first thing you should do is ask yourself certain basic questions

  • What can make a man leave his wife?
  • Can the qualities I possess make him leave his wife for me?

These questions will reawaken you to the reality of your own relationship which is not in comparison with another person’s failed affair. A man can most definitely leave his wife. However, just as we have stated before, since marriage is a bond, you need to first of all be sure of what you want, be sure of how you want it, and finally, be ready to commit a 100% towards achieving it.

I need to re-state the fact that a man can leave his wife if you can establish the ‘what’ factor; ‘What can make a man leave his wife?’. Follow the steps which are streamlined to help you strategically make a man leave his wife for you.

  • Understand your relationship. First of all, you have to be sure that your relationship is very well defined. Never assume that something intimate exist between you both if such a thing has no clear cut structure. A man may have you as a bed warmer, a simple distraction or a real time lover. Which are you? Know where you stand in that relationship; understand the form of authority you control over him. Does he love you? Is he just in it for the bodily comfort or he wants you for who you are? Your ability to truthfully figure out the answers to these questions will determine to a very large extend how best you can make a man leave his wife


  • Become the better woman. Every woman has her flaws, it is left for you to get maximum information on the weaknesses of his marriage and build on it. A man can readily leave his wife if you become the solace to the emotional torture he faces in his matrimonial home. You will realise that most often, he prefers spending quality time with you rather than be with his wife. This is a sign that you are doing something right and everything is not going well in his marriage. So instead of relenting, build up on this, make it your strongest point, be the better woman in his life and he will gradually begin to consider you as his partner rather than been stuck to someone he does not find joy in, for the rest of his life.


  • Give him peace. The fastest way to a man’s heart is simple and clear cut. Sex will not give you want you want from him, such pleasures are temporary. You want what will last and keep him forever. If this is it, think peace of mind and good food. There is a popular saying “the best way to a man’s heart is not offering him good sex but giving him absolute peace of mind”. This is one of the fastest ways to make him leave his wife. Do not be his wife, you are not. You should not nag him, rather, show him love and care. Every man has a child inside him that wants to come out and play, make him know that you can be his play partner and his lover. He wants someone he can talk to when he is not strong, someone to pet him. When you show that you can be that woman and more, then you are ready to take him all as a total incomplete package.

The way and manner you can follow this steps will determine to a large extent the level and time with which you will succeed with your goal. The things we want the most do not come easily for us most times, loving a married man inclusive. But guess what? You are already in this, why not complete and see it through. You should never tell yourself “you cannot”, simply because you have severally listened to others recount their experience dating a married man. Well, whatever happened to them, happened to them and not you and it does not in any way mean the same occurrence are bound to happen.

Be strong to your course and I cannot wait to see you at the top. My name is Miss Tezira and I am your number one relationship coach. Are you still wondering? What can a man leave his wife? The answer is simple – so many things can make a man eave his wife, it all just depends on how well you play your card.

For more information on how to stay winning, send me a mail or visit me at my office. I will be glad to receive you and teach you ways to succeed in your relationship.

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