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August 29, 2018
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What to say to make him leave his wife

What to say to make him leave his wife

What to say to make him leave his wife

Marriage is a complicated whole. This is the first thing you should note when dealing with a married man, and because marriage is not like dating, you need to know the right things to say to man to make him leave his wife. Most men suffer silently in their marriages without having to speak out. You need to make use of this information to your advantage. Not everyman will relatively talk about his marriage life to you, but as a woman, you had an inborn gift of inference which you can use to know if he is having a blissful union or not.

Writing all what i just wrote makes me just want to laugh. I sound like an expert, don’t I? I like to think I am one too!!! Funny,I  know. But I am not, I just have an amazing client relationship with one. Miss Tezira is the best relationship adviser and expert I ever got to meet. I should know, I had my own share of guidance/counseling appointment when it comes to relationships. But none of them gave me what I wanted until I was introduced to Miss Tezira.

At that point in my life, I needed serious help as to what to say to a man to make him leave his wife. Yes, wife!!! Not girl friend, live in girlfriend or fiancee but wife. A full committed relationship and I needed to get him out of it. To do this, I had to know the right words, I had to be convincing enough. Walking up to him and screaming, “leave your wife!!!!!” Sure isn’t going to work. I knew that, all I wanted was a tactics that would work wonders.

This was going to be hard, very hard. But I was committed and I knew it was what I wanted. The knowledge of that helped a lot in my strategizing process. All I needed was an expert who would show me the most effective and efficient way to apply my  confidence on a man, an expert who would tell me what to say to make him leave his wife. Love is blind and sometimes selfish, but who cares, we all just want to be happy at the end of the day.

Meeting Miss Tezira was not at all difficult as I envisaged. I simply got hold of her office address – somewhere in Sandton  Johannesburg. walked into the office and fixed an appointment. The office alone have me a sense of belonging, i t was not like the others  I have been to. I was attended to with a lot of hospitality and warmth, I sure wanted to come back again.

On the due date, I was not as lucky as I had hoped I would be. I fell Ill. This did not deter me, in as much as I could not go to her office did not mean I could not put a call through. I spoke with the secretary and told her my health condition. To my surprise, they opened a slot for a conference telephone session for me. Amazing!!! I was super glad. This was by far the best customer service I ever got in all my years of visiting relationship experts.

Miss Tezira was out of this world smart and had the ability to make you relax. She gave me the feeling that all my worry would go away. In some very assuring words, she told me what to say to make him leave his wife.

She was very straight to her point, to make what I wanted effective, I needed to take my time. They was no need to rush up what I planned to say, all at once. If I did that, my statements would lose its meaning. So, I needed to say what I had to say at intervals. Those words would gradually build up inside him and as a result, he will naturally explode and leave his wife.

I had never been so overjoyed in my life, listening to an expert speaking with so much assurance gave me the double confidence I needed. There is no feeling like having a double packed assurance when headed for a task, I felt double assured and that was exactly what I needed.

For starters, Miss Tezira told me to tell him I would stop coming to see him. Any man who has someone outside his marriage is doing that because his marriage is sore and he will never leave that marriage if you are always around giving him what he is missing in the marriage. The moment you threaten to leave ( do this with a sense of stern – sweet love), he will start taking you serious . This tactics made a lot of sense to me and this what exactly what I started of with.

To increase my chances of making him leave his wife, sex was taken away from our affair. What are the chances of him leaving his girlfriend if he is getting both emotional and sexual satisfactions from me and her as well? The answer was close to never happening!!. I became wiser and more calculated in my dealings with him. The through remained that I didn’t infer or use body language, following Miss Tezira instruction, I told him straight to his face that I was going to cut off all forms of engagement with him if he didn’t choose what he actually wanted, me or his wife?

This got him thinking a lot.if I left, he was not going to have the emotional peace I gave him anymore, something his wife didn’t give him. Couple with the fact that I never threatened his wife,made him know I was serious with my threat of moving on. As Miss Tezira anticipated, he took his time and in that time, I gave him space. Started giving him the “I am busy ” and “I have a date” illusion. This for sure would make him worried, I was going to be off market soon, he couldn’t have that.

Miss Tezira’s charm worked  like magic. Today, I am still with the same man, this time around however, he is my fiancé and not married to anyone.

I can only thanks Miss Tezira for been so good at her job.

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