make him love you and leave his girlfriend
How to Make Him Love You and Leave His Girlfriend
September 15, 2018
September 15, 2018
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Marriage is a scared bond between two individuals who have committed themselves to each other for life, however it may surprise you to know that there are people out there who don’t care much for the sacred bond. They are ready to sever the bond when faced with what they really want, they won’t hesitate to make a decision for Love. These people are the ones you hear about that leave their marriages to be with someone else and you immediately judge, eventually when you hear the full story you tend to understand why they made such a decision.


It can however be difficult for some married men to show emotions and how they sincerely feel towards you, it can be hard for them to show how much you mean to them because they don’t want to scare you off and also they want to see if you can catch their drift. These little signs they show are what you can use to understand how they feel towards you and what they are capable of doing for you.


There are women out there who are not aware of these signs and don’t know how to identify them in their relationship so they tend to continue wondering what the future would be like for them. I will critically highlight some of these signs below:


  • He makes excuses just to be with you:

Does he go out of his way to be with you? Does he do everything and anything just to see you ? Him making excuses just to be with you is a good sign that he loves and cares about you and really wants to be with you. Being a married man has him restricted a whole lot, so if he goes out of his way to with you as often as possible then you are special in his life and wants to be with you.


  • He flaunt you around in public:

When he takes you out and flaunts you he is letting the world know that you’re his and nobody should try anything. Him being able to go out on dates publicly with you is a sign he wants the world to know that you two are together. If he was feeling otherwise he would stick to having private date and secret locations but him choosing to be public with you is a sign of greater things to come for you.


  • He is very intimate with you:

When your relationship with him goes beyond just having sexual to having strong intimacy then you can be rest assured that he wants to be with you and will leave his wife for you in due time. The intimacy level of your relationship with him determines how your future with him may be, understanding this will help you figure out your stand.


  • He sees a future with you:

If he sees a future with you, together having a family then you are well on your way on having your man to yourself. When he starts talking about a possible future together, he is trying to show you how much he values you and wants to be with you. Him not talking about the future or at least showing interest in such conversations is a clear sign that he didn’t want to be with you long term and is only taking advantage of the now.


  • He wants to introduce you to his family and friends:

If he wants you to meet his family and friends then he wants a life with you, there is no clearer sign than this. Him doing that is enough reason for you to believe that he wants and is ready to leave his wife for you. This is a big step in any relationship and should not be taken lightly, it shows strong commitment and sincerity.


These signs listed above will help you understand your position in your relationship with him and also help you know the possible future you might have with him. If your relationship does not posses at least one of these signs then he might not be fully involved in the relationship and doesn’t intend to ever leave his wife.

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