What Would Make a Man Leave His Wife for Another Woman
What Would Make a Man Leave His Wife for Another Woman?
August 22, 2018
August 23, 2018
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Will He Leave His Live In Girlfriend For Me?

Will he leave his live in girlfriend for me

Will he leave his live in girlfriend for me

As vital as this question may sound, there are certain tactical steps you can take to ease the complicated path to get your dream man.

My name is Tezira, I am a spell caster and a relationship counsellor. Follow me on this amazing ride, guess what?  If you are having relationship crises and wondering, will he leave his live in girlfriend for me? Well, you have come to the right page. I will offer you amazing tips on how to make your dream man leave his leave in girlfriend. Take a drink, sit back and enjoy.

It is no news that dating is a complicated ball game. One thing I am super sure of is that most of us have fallen in love more times than we can remember with someone who shows us less attention than the person who gives us his 100%. Well, that not new and that is the story of love. Love is complex and at the same time easy.  A lot of times, I tell my client to flow with the rhythm and their heart and other times, I tell my clients to play their games right if they want to win.

Falling in love with a man who lives with his girlfriend is a hard nut to crack, but first, you need to ask yourself a very basic question. How eager are you to win in this game of love? Loving the said man may have happened by choice or unconsciously. Whichever it is, you have no reason to be afraid. All you need is the courage to see through that you achieve your goal.

Figure out what you want

A lot of times, people tend to love something just for the pleasure of loving it. Some other love something because it belongs to another and they want to have that particular thing,  the point when they acquire it, they lose value for it and any such deep interest they once possessed in that particular item. This phenomenon is called desired illusion. To be successful on this path, you need to figure out what you really want. Are you in love with this man? Do you really want him? Do you absolutely want him to leave his live in girlfriend for you? The moment you are able to truthfully answer these questions and accept whatever condition you fall, will deeply affect how thorough you see this through.


There is a high chance that he will leave his live in girlfriend for you. However, you need to have a strategically laid out plan that you must follow. Men are less complicated than we ladies show them what they are lacking in their present relationship and they will chase you around simply because they know you can offer what their girlfriend cannot. Your plan will adequately affect if he will leave his live in girlfriend for you and how fast too.

Know the fact

How you met him matters as well. For such situation to have occurred where you find yourself loving a man and questioning yourself about him leaving his live in girlfriend, then they is a 80% chance that he showed signs of  flirting  even if you naturally didn’t notice. Men have an inbuilt tendency to flirt, no matter how minimal even if they have a 100 other girlfriend at home. If this is a case, then you have something going already, it means he finds something attractive. Build on that.

Study the girlfriend

There is no better way to win a war than getting adequate information about your opponent. Yes, this is battle and in battle, it is all a win or lose situation where the winner takes all and the loser loses with pain. At this point, I am sure you don’t want to feel the pain of losing in the battle of love. I mean, here you are asking, “Will he leave his live in girlfriend for me?” and the sure answer to that is YES. Getting information about the girlfriend makes it easier. What does she like to do? Study her personality and character. What does she has that makes him want her?

Study the man

After studying the girlfriend, you also have to do some background check on the man you are in love with. What are his personal idiosyncrasies, what are his likes and dislikes? What makes him love her? What characteristics does she have that appeal to him to make in move in with her? What traits do they both have in common? This will help you answer the question; will he leave his girlfriend for me? So, you need to figure out the characteristics which they do not have in common, but it must be something he likes and she cannot do.

Not married

One thing is certain, there are not married. Why is that? If he loves her as much as he should, most men would prefer putting a ring on her finger and getting married straight away. But as it is, there are just co-habiting. This means there are no social or moral restrictions as to what you can do or undo. This is an additional factor on your side; you need to see it as a massive plus and not a disadvantage.

Build on the problem

No relationship is perfect, the faster you realise this the easier it will be. After taking note and figuring out what the missing link might be between the couples, all you have to do is to build on it. At this point, you have no limitation to your flirting. Turn up the gear of your flirt knowledge, but flirt with class and self respect. These are the tips of the things you should do.

  • Flirt
  • Do not be overly available
  • Flaunt what you know he likes but cannot get from his girlfriend
  • Care and treat him like a king
  • Listen to him
  • Be available to assist him
  • Make him realise he has been missing a lot just from your body language

With the knowledge of this, you are well on your way to making him leave his live in girlfriend for you. So, hope on and give this a try, you can’t keep asking and wondering forever if he will leave his live in girlfriend for you.

Don’t forget, my name is Miss tezira and I am always available to provide you relationship advises and comfort plus the make him leave her spell that will make him naturally leave his girlfriend with in days.

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