August 10, 2018
Can My Ex Leave His New Girlfriend For Me?
August 10, 2018
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Will He Leave His Long Distance Girlfriend For Me?

Will He Leave His Long Distance Girlfriend For Me

Will He Leave His Long Distance Girlfriend For Me

Remember how dreamy the day you met him was? How it seemed like the colors of the morning skies had a brighter lush, the flowers donned designer fragrances and all was well with the world? Most ladies surely can relate to this. The moment they met that all-amazing guy, that was intended to be their knight in shiny armor.

We’ve all had our experiences, some more dramatic than others, but in all, we can unanimously agree to the fact that those initial stages were made in Heaven, in the creamy corner near the ecstasy tower where feelings are born.

Relationships are everything for the human species. From playful discourses at your local grocery store to the heated intellectual debates you have in board meetings. We learn to thrive not only by communicating but by being able to receive information. This is what it means to commune, to share thoughts, and feelings to people that can identify with the unique being that we are. And much like every other human relationship I know, intimate relationships can bring vanguard heights of joy one day, and the next, deliver hellish proportions of grief.

Being the third wheel in a romantic relationship is not the favored spot you fantasized about while you walked the hall way of high school just before prom. This is because we have it in ourselves as humans, the trait of not wanting to share our favorite toys.

So the story continues, after meeting this absolutely dashing man, and you begin enjoying the many thrills of being in a relationship – the many fun times, the exhilarating night outs and the ensuing out-of-the-world sex. All is bright and fair, up until the moment you learn that you are not the only Eve in his garden. Your knight has a mistress (so to speak) far away.

At this point, there are two main ways ladies react; they either get mad and storm away, or get mad and listen for more (the lot of us being the latter), checking to see if there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If he will leave his long distance girlfriend for me, the new fire he has found.

Will he? I guess that’s why you’re still here, reading through. The subject of severing established romantic ties for a new blooming glow is one that may most likely be the highpoint of your relationship journey.

Trying to resolve if your man (or is he?) would leave his long distance girlfriend for you would be us attempting to read his mind, but men differ. However there are a few points I must share to help you get the right perspective.

We do not have to be weak or impressionable as women all because we are in love. Neither do we have to overestimate his feelings; the best way to gauge if a man really desires you is not by the distance he walks to keep your bed warm, it’s the distance he walks to make you rightly his.

I must firstly point out that no matter how amazing what you two have together, the place that you are in your relationship is only there because one of you has thought it expedient to cheat, to lie and be disloyal. If this bears on your final decision, well be my guest, it is the truth regardless. That said, relationships can only be better explained by those who have experienced it together.

So is he up to the task? Will He Leave His Long Distance Girlfriend For Me? You ask, That depends on the kind of male he is, a man or a boy. Here are some pointers.

Men commit, Boys live for the thrill

So what if it’s a long distance relationship? Imagine if the roles were reversed and you were the one away on a culinary scholarship in Southern Australia, and your boyfriend was home in Illinois. Would your devotion wane? We must remember that boys live for the chase; a new ground is a nice place to seek a prey. But men are willing to stay, and do what must be done.

Men know what they want; Boys want the Buffet

(But may not even know they do sometimes)

Can we really adjudicate the intentions of the testosterone filled humans we love? Every woman deserves to be loved and treated rightly. There could be more to his craving for you; it could be a hunger for something new, a rush to explore. Men are clear on what is right for them and what the right thing is that they must do to get them.

Men Do, Boys Avail Excuses

Ultimately, if the love you share is as fervent and red-hot as you both feel. Then it should be easy to call it quits with the other one (a no-brainer right?). It’s a distinguishing trait between men and boys, while men are resolute on setting the record straight and putting things right, boys will find a way to circumvent doing the necessary.

In handling a case of an already dating lover, the pink rule book will guide you to either gaining him finally or getting someone better.

The Pink Rule-Book

Don’t Accept the ‘Side-Chick’ Role

Too many times, women put themselves in subservient positions by inadvertently agreeing to play second fiddle to the existing main character in his life. If at all you want to be respected and given the due honor you deserve, you must be willing to take your place. Men like that (though they may not agree). You don’t have to be a nagger, just clearly define your worth and act accordingly. You’ll attract the right treatment.

Set Reasonable and Realizable Targets

In helping him make his decision, you might want to set a target date for the make-it-or-break-it transition. Be careful however and ensure that your date of choice is not too soon or too far away. The deal with setting dates is that if you fail to move on if he stalls, he will see that he doesn’t really need to commit anyway since you’re so smitten. Stay Woke!

Be sure you want this – there’s no turning back

Being the ‘Take Over’ girlfriend is quite the tag. Be sure it’s what you want; you can have the relationships of your dreams with this guy provided he is willing to man-up and set things in motion. Don’t be left out there, alone with all the zeal and courage for your new relationship, put him to work.

And if he loves you as he shows and claims, he’ll put his actions to it. He will leave his long distance girlfriend for you.


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