Can a Guy Leave His Girlfriend for You?
August 14, 2018
Signs He Will Leave His Wife for You
August 15, 2018
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Will he leave his long term girlfriend for me?

Will he leave his long term girlfriend for me

This is a story from one of the Mam Tezira satisfied clients

For the past six months, I’ve been in constant turmoil with myself over issues I never thought I would get over. Ever fallen in love with someone who is in a serious relationship with another? If yes, then you can relate to my dilemma.

Pardon me for been Rude. My name is Annika. I’m a comfortable working class woman, but here I was, head over heal in love with a man who is in a long term relationship with another woman. I met George at a friend’s wedding about a year ago, he was remarkably jovial and warm. Nothing serious sparked up at first, I simply saw him as a mischievous, funny and easy going man. We exchange our phone numbers and kept in touch. Over time, my feeling for him began to grow, in fact more rapidly than I choose to admit. We grew very fond of each other, he started calling me baby, and in fact, we were like married couples.

I threw caution to the wind when my friend called me one early morning, telling me to steer clear. She claimed he was naturally very jovial with everybody and she wouldn’t want me to start feeling emotions for someone because of how nice he was to me. To conclude her warning, she informed me of his long term relationship, according to her, he had been dating a certain girl for over 5 years.

Every normal person would hid this advice and look away, but not me. I chased on, hoping against all hope that he’ll see why I was a better choice than his current girlfriend. I tried and I tried.

The truth is, the past 6 month were incredibly horrible, day dreaming about someone who is probably laying in the arms of another. I was depressed and always angry. I kept on asking myself, will he leave his long term girlfriend for me? I knew I needed help. The burden was too much for me to carry. I knew for sure, if I visited an expert, I will get professional advice as to how to successful get the man of my heart away from his long term girlfriend.

I called my friend, the one who gave me the warning some few months back. She informed me of a certain Miss Tezira online. Miss Tezira had helped her out with some of her relationship crises in the past. I was eager; I wanted to learn the professional angle on how to handle this. He needs to leave his long term girlfriend for me.

I started contacting Miss Tezira 2 months ago. My friend linked me to her. To my surprise, it wasn’t at all difficult to locate her. We simply took contacted her via her contact form.   She was pleasant, her words alone made me want to pour out my heart and tell her my troubles. But i had to wait.

We fixed an appointment with her and I couldn’t just wait for the next day to come. I was on her phone earlier than the fixed time; I didn’t want to take chances. When I finally talked to Miss Tezira, I told her my love troubles and the story of how it all started. I told her how much I wanted him to leave his long term girlfriend for me. Can he leave his long term girlfriend for me?

My phone call with Miss Tezira was heart warming. She passed her message across with so much understanding of my predicament. Very subtle, she made me answer some important questions as well. For instance, how often had I seen married men leave their wives for their mistresses? They would rather keep mistresses as mistresses and wives as wives.

With hard love, she pointed out some vital points to me

  • You may be chasing a line that doesn’t exist: a man can only leave a woman he woman he doesn’t want anymore. I needed to ask myself severe questions and answer truthfully. Was he still in love with his current girlfriend?
  • Respect: if he leaves her, who says he can’t leave you whenever he wants to? You simply have to security in that relationship. So, respect yourself and stay out.
  • Fling. It’s the nature of a man. Obviously, most men flirt, if not necessarily cheat. He might just want me on the side, just for his ego.
  • Guilty. Will he really leave a woman who has been there for him through thick and thin? Through the good, the bad and the ugly? Will he leave his long term girlfriend for someone he just met? Probably not.
  • He’s eating his cake and having it. He has his girl friend and he has me, the side chick. Why would he want anything different, when he can keep us both? Wow!!!
  • Half and half. Maybe subconsciously I had accepted the usual saying ‘half is better than none’. But well, I’m the one getting the half. He is actually receiving 200%. It’s like saying bread crumbs are better than nothing because I’ve managed to reduce my expectation into nothing and gotten trapped by my emotions.


These hard truths hit me so hard. I realise I wasted a whole year of my life. Miss Tezira made me realise that some men actually do leave their girlfriends; these are exceptions she said and not the norm. I could not put myself through that. If he really wanted me, he would make the move. Words were not just all I needed. I needed a man who would love me exclusively, I knew I had to get myself worth back, I had to regain my personality but I also wanted to him to  be the right man for me instead of chasing shadows. So Miss Tezira made a customised spell for me that made him change his mind about his long-term girlfriend. He started seeing me as a potential wife instead of a more a mere side chick. It took me a month for me to see the results but it was worth the wait. I realise for the very first time what I needed to do. I had to keep him for me and make him leave his girlfriend.

Miss Tezira has helped me through literally every step I need to take in my journey of love. She is simply amazing. You can as well contact her if you are in a similar situation like mine.

Additionally, my guy has asked to meet my family, am nolonger his private dish and yes, Miss Tezira knows all about it.

So, are you going through relationship crises? Having the same problem I had? Will he leave his long term girlfriend for you? You have absolutely no need to worry your heart, just visit Miss Tezira, she has the right spell to fix  your situation. I’m a living witness.

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