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Dating has no rules. The faster we understand this point, the easier comprehending this post will be. Over the years, we have come to learn of various do’s and don’ts when it comes to relationships. Oh, you must not have sex on the first date,or you will be perceived as cheap. Guess what, some women who had sex with their male counterpart on the first date ended up getting married to the same person. Fascinating isn’t it? Or  Don’t show too much affection, he will most definately take advatage of you. Oh.don’t do this…oh…don’t do that. But guess what? Every persons relationship is different and so is yours.

Love naturally is very complicated. You know the usually saying, the heart wants what it wants? Now that is very true. So, you have no need to worry because of what you have heard from others. You must first understand the terms of your relationship, past or present

Breakup. It will interest you to know that some women have been able to understand how to maneuver through their break ups. They can easily chose to stay single, find a new catch or get back to your ex.Why is yours different simply because you want to get back with your ex who now has a girlfriend? Though it may be really tricky, others have successfully done it, so why not you?what makes you think your ex can’t leave his girlfriend for you?

Some questions may run through your mind;

Is my ex is dating again? Will he still accept me? Who initiated the break up?Was he tired of me? Will my ex leave his girlfriend for me?

All these questions might be racing through you.

Now, you must accept the fact that losing someone you love to another girl can really hurt. Yes, its painful, frustrating and draining. Going on Facebook or Instagram to see their loved up photos  can really spoil any shot you have at making your ex leave his girlfriend for you. With that, most women fall to desperation, anger and stalking of their ex or their exes partner. Dont even think about doing this, it will drastically drag your chances of making your ex leave his girlfriend for you . So, what do you do? you must first draft some tactics that will strategically lure him back to your warms arms.

Here are some tips to guide you:

When you date someone, they is always a residue of feelings remaining. If you work well on that , you may as well be on your way to re- ignite your love and making your ex leave his girlfriend for you . You just know how to press the right key and creatively steal him away. Make him feel coming back was all his idea and doing.

  • Become Friends with his friend: They are different ways to spore up attention from your ex. Becoming friends with his friend is the most effectively. He will most likely get jealous. Why are they hanging out so much around you? Guys naturally have a thing against their friends been with their ex. Why not build on that. Increase his inner jealousy. That’s your first step.
  • Be classy : upgrade your fashion choice. I am not saying you should bring out your bedroom whoredom to the streets, No, but dress to be noticed. Not indecent, not something that screams – come get into my pant!!!! but subtly tells him – hey, I’m right over here. Wear a lovely perfume as well, play with good smells, the power of it cannot be over emphasized.
  • The mind game Now, flirting may be allowed. But don’t be too obvious, a simple smile for instance can speak volumes. Don’t be scared, you have no reason to be. Men are predictable, they love simple things like that. Don’t forget to hold his gaze once or twice when you can. Your dress, your smell , your look will do loads of magic to him without you saying a word. You unconsciously get him to ask himself ” what happen to us”. Its a mind game. Build on it. This is key if you really want your ex to leave his girlfriend for you.
  • Become his friend. Remember that this is a step by step process. You need to have built that imaginary palace in his head. After that, you may walk up and say a simple “Hi”. Don’t start a conversation. It might sound awkward, just leave your body language to do the talking. Keep it short and simple.

However, if your breakup wasn’t a bad one but some how , he moved on to another woman In situations like this, all you need to do is focus on your body language but keep your distance. Be scarce. Don’t be overly available, its boring. Make him wonder what you’re up to. Why the chance in appearance all of a sudden? A man always wants competition.

  • Learn to ignore. Your ability to sensually ignore him in gathering or with friends means a lot. After your first contact,smile or conversation, no matter how short, ignore him thereafter. Laugh with his friend, pretend you can’t see him.
  • Focus on what he likes. You have been in a relationship with him before, you know what he likes and what he does not. Focus on this as a strategy. This is an advantage you possess over his current girlfriend, because you actually know him. Flaunt what you know he likes when he’s around, whether food or character, be the best at it.
  • Selective availability. Don’t be too available, as friends or otherwise. Strategically put the unconscious longing for you in his head. You can be available in places you know he would be. Then disappear. Never appear needy.


That most successful long term relationships and even marriages stem up from on-again off- again relationships. So hop along, give this a try, you have absolutely nothing to lose. I assure you , you can most definitely win your ex from his girlfriend.

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