Can You Make A Man Leave His Wife
Can You Make A Man Leave His Wife
August 31, 2018
What Are the Chances Your Lover will Leave his Wife
What Are the Chances Your Lover will Leave his Wife?
September 2, 2018
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Will No Contact Make Him Leave His Wife?

Will no contact make him leave his wife?

Will no contact make him leave his wife?

It was sickening, the feeling in my stomach. I sat up in bed, staring blankly at my door. I didn’t want to wake Rhoda up; I had put her through a lot recently. Just Last week, she had followed me to meet a certain woman who gave me an advice I regret so much I haven’t still recovered from.

Some of these so called counsellors need to have their licences withdrawn from them”, I muttered to myself as I got up from the bed to get a cup of water. It was 4am and I haven’t slept for a bit, Rhoda has been a big help to me , ever since my encounter with Nkiku, I knew I needed to give her a break; I mean, it was not her fault she had a roommate who fell in love with a married man. I need to take responsibilities for my actions and not drag her into all my problems, she had hers as well, I concluded.

Some women are not to be played with and why the hell did i even stoop so low? For love? No!!! There had to be a better option than confronting another woman physically. If only i had listened to Rhoda before going to knock on her door. If only i had, my story would be different. I still feel the pain in my upper arm whenever i tried to move.

Nkiku was not at all what i expected when I set out to confront her last week. She was well built and tall, before i was even able to say a word, she had hit me severally and pounce on me and Rhoda. If not for the intervention of the neighbour, i would have probably been dead. It was a very brutal lesson, one i learnt fast. Confronting the wife of a married man is definitely no way to go about winning a man.

Following that week, it has not been really easy for me. Going out on the street was a problem because my name had been severely ridiculed,

Look at her, the snatcher that was beaten” I would hear people say whenever I walk in the street.

Thoughts run through my head as I downed the water.

Morning came quite slowly, i had barely even slept. A gentle knock on my door woke me up; i could hear Rhoda speaking to a man in very low voices. From what i could infer, James, my married lover had come to check up on me and to apologize for his wife’s behaviour.

His voice was the last thing i wanted. He put me in this hopeless situation. I had been dating james for over 2 years, we were in love –  no doubt, the little glitch however been that he was married and i had to be a side piece with him in public. He had in time past promised me heaven and earth, how he would leave his wife immediately he got an apartment, then after he got a car, then after a better paying job…. he always has a story to tell.

Naively and blindly in love, i still believed him.

“Only God knew what he wanted from me this early morning. If he had been man enough to do what he had always promised me, I would not be in this situation” i thought to myself as I turned over  backing the door, trying to shut myself from the slightly brewing argument between Rhoda and him.

The night before, Rhoda had convinced me to visit her most trusted relationship expert. That was the last thing i wanted to do with my life, one encounter was enough for a life time. Besides, they were all novices and have all learnt how to apply guess work on people’s lives. I pouted. I just didn’t know how to tell Rhoda i was not up for it, she had put herself severally on the line for me, she was so positive about this and it would crush her if I refused.

“Stand up Kiki, get up!!! I will not have you in bed all day” Rhoda shouted at me as she pulled up the duvet from my body. “Our appointment is by 12 and we are not going to miss it. Miss Tezira is not like the others, she knows her job, she’s an expert” she continued, “i will not have you mess up your life, you still want James, don’t you?” She queried, “This time we are going to get his the right way”. She concluded.

Miss Tezira office was not as far as I anticipated; everything was neat and well sorted. In my opinion, she was just another well packaged goof. Meeting her did not take long; i briefly spoke about my love affair with James to her. Surprisingly, I felt a sense of understanding immediately i spoke with her. She told me that at this point, the only thing I could do to salvage what was left for my relationship was to keep my distance from James.

I was heartbroken, is this the advice the great Tezira Rhoda told me about was going to give? No contact? How will no contact make him leave his wife for me? That was the stupidest idea I ever heard.

Rhoda was excited, I did not see the reason why, but according to her, anything Miss Tezira advises works like magic. I already felt I was going to lose James, so there was no harm trying another tactics even if it failed, I had nothing to lose at least Miss Teziras strategy did not involve fighting James wife again.

It’s been a month and I have tried all i can to stop all my contact with James( with Rhoda’s help off course and miss tezira, always a phone call away) , it was not easy, but Miss Tezira made me realise that my absence in his life would reawaken him to what he will be missing if i leave him. No contact t with me will make him leave his wife.

Hello,” someone tapped me, my heart jumped as i became conscious. Here was James, kneeling on one foot, apologizing for all his error in the past and showing me his divorced papers.

“Will you marry me”, he finished

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