August 21, 2018
What Would Make a Man Leave His Wife for Another Woman
What Would Make a Man Leave His Wife for Another Woman?
August 22, 2018
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Would a guy leave his girlfriend for me?

Would a guy leave his girlfriend for me

Would a guy leave his girlfriend for me

Sometimes as a lady, you need to see beyond your current situation and circumstances to see a brighter path. Most times I see a lot of ladies question themselves when it comes to love. In those times, I usually have just one answer, follow your heart. Relationship can appear compound, but in the real sense, it is very simple. What affects how you view it depends on your perspective.

Are you currently asking yourself questions? Doubting your heart? Questioning your love? Would he leave his girlfriend for me? Well, time for you to know that the possibility of this happening is an 80%. How fast you want to turn that 80% into 100%v solely depends on you. I stand on a vantage point writing today because I know how it feels to fully fall in love with a man who has a girlfriend. The feeling can be painful, hurtful and very depressing. For over 2 years, I found myself day dreaming about a man who was in a “committed” relationship. I was in total despair. Day by day, I would watch him take his girl out, I watched them laughed and play around, and I would see her spend nights in his place while I sat as a corner pretending to be a platonic friend.

This was the hardest thing I ever got to do in my entire life. I mean, I was his girlfriend on the low but she was obviously the main chick and I had to pretend I was just friends with him whenever she came around. I constantly had to pretend there was no big deal when ever I see her fondle with my “man”. These occurrences made me question myself a lot, I just couldn’t deal. Would a guy leave his girlfriend for me? How long will I continue to suffer in pain? Am i the only one going through such relationship trauma? I wondered…

At that point, I realise that they are some other people who had been in my current situation and were able to get the best out of it. This includes getting a guy to leave his girlfriend. They had succeeded and this was exactly what i was going to do.

Immediately, I went over to a friend who I perceived was a going to be a relationship expert, in my opinion , she has had more affairs with men than I ever had in all my years put together, I concluded she was in the better position to tell me what I needed to do. To an extent, I was right. She told me about a certain Miss Tezira who was her “saviour” when it comes to relationships and affairs. She said Miss Tezira had help her win in all her relationships and as a matter of fact, she was so good that no man has ever had to break up with her, she always left them begging for her to come back; all thanks to Miss Tezira. I was intrigued; I had to meet this Miss Tezira, she was the only person who could help me at this point in my life, I was so done been an option. All I wanted was to win my man and be the only one in his life, the centre of his universe, but then again, would a guy leave his girlfriend for me?

My friend promised to take me to help out by taking me to see Miss Tezira, her relationship expert, she gleefully called her. In less than a minute, she put a call through and fixed an appointment for the next day. That particular day i could not sleep. I wondered if Miss Tezira was as good as my friend said she was, she had to be, for my sake, she just had to be. One thing was however for sure, I had a little bit of confident because of the oral and also very visible testimony I heard from my friend.

When I finally got to meet her, I gave Miss Tezira a brief history of my side chick relationship with my “boyfriend”, finishing up with the question that has been running through my mind, “will a guy leave his girlfriend for me?”. From all indications, when Miss Tezira started talking to me, it was obvious she knew her onion. She gave me so many illustrations as it related to my current situation. Basically, she made me aware that a lot of ladies go through the same situation I find myself, and the only way a certain percentage succeeded is if they are able to follow the unique tactics.

I was intrigued at Miss Tezira’s prowess on relationship and affairs. Her knowledge was simply out of this world, speaking to her felt like speaking to a psychic reader who totally understood my current situation and who is also able to see into the future and predict the outcome of it with her clairvoyant powers.

Visiting her was simply amazing, the best decision I ever made. She told me different tactics I could apply to make a guy leave his girlfriend for me; it all depended on how bad I wanted the guy to myself. And yes!!! I wanted his real bad. I was so tired of the pain, frustration and heart ache.

I sung to action immediately, using all the tactics Miss Tezira gave me. There were of two times, that which would work gradually and the other which would work really fast ( in the space of at least two  weeks – The short coming been that the relationship may or may not last). I opted to go for the long term tactics, 3 months of subtle manoeuvrings. It was not easy at first, but Miss Tezira kept on reminding me that if I wanted him to myself until I got tired of having him around, I had to keep pudding no matter how hard it got.

Her tactics worked like magic, it didn’t take up to 2 months before he left his girl friend and came running to me, begging me to take him back. This was only possible because of Miss Tezira and her tactics, or else Gods knows, I would have remained the side chick up till this very moment.

If you are going through any relationship trauma, simply contact her with the form below, we ladies need to learn how to stay winning and the best way to do that is by having Miss Tezira on your side. Stop thinking if a guy would leave his girlfriend for you and start acting.


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